This is where our story begins…

In the spring of 2011, my husband, Brad, and I got involved with a home based denim business called, Vault Denim. It was a brand new twist on the home party. Instead of jewelry, candles, or oils, you would bring 100+ pairs of shorts, capri’s and jeans to your hostesses home. The hostess and her guests could try on and purchase denim in the comfort of their own, or a friend’s home without the judgment of a sales person, or other shoppers. Needless to say, the parties were a hit.

However, as time went on, we found that the ladies were wanting more, they were wanting an outfit. They wanted a top, and/or accessories to go with their new jeans. So, we decided to add some accessories like: jewelry, handbags, scarves, hats, etc., placed a $50 wholesale accessory order, and Babygirlz Boutique was born. Eventually the apparel and accessories were such a hit that ladies were requesting Babygirlz parties, rather than the denim parties. Eventually we dissolved our relationship with denim company, and focused solely on building Babygirlz.

We began traveling extensively all over Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota, and sold our items on Facebook to build our business. And we did build our business. Eventually, the boutique took over our basement, and people were stopping out at our house to shop. That’s when we began looking for a retail location. We had NO idea what type of space we were even looking for, but we knew we would know when we found it. After a few months of continuous searching, we finally found the perfect location, lease option and landlord.

On December 1, 2012, we opened the doors to Babygirlz Boutique in our hometown of Long Prairie, Minnesota. Looking back now, I cannot believe we with u just our travel displays, and that the only “renovating” we did was to paint and adding changing rooms. Other than that, it looked, well, for lack of a better word, SAD. But we knew with some hard work we would be able to afford the types of displays we wanted and it would look like a “real” boutique. Guess what? With time, it shaped up to be a cute little store {if I do say so myself}.

Then in June of 2015, I was contacted by a boutique owner about possibly taking over her retail space in the quaint, little, college town of St. Joseph, Minnesota. After checking out the space, and doing a little number crunching we knew we had to give it a shot.  So, on September 12, 2015, we opened our second location, and looked forward to serving another community. However, due to an unexpected change, in the fall of 2017 we made the decision to close our Long Prairie location, and focus solely on growing the store in St. Joseph and our online presence. We have not given up on the dream of expanding again, and look forward to the future.

Thanks to our amazing family, friends and customers for supporting us along the journey, and continuing to support our small, family owned business… We are truly grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful group of people who believe in us!

God Bless,
Brad & Melissa Kolstad and family

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